We offer Botox and Filler treatments which is carried out by our reputable Dr Jessica Evans who is extremely qualified in this area of work as well as being a General Surgeon. Jess has been with us now coming up to four years and in that time has built an excellent client database.These clients are willing to give reference to her work.

We hold our clinic on a monthly basis and send out texts along with other notifications of dates.

A price guide is given below,but we strongly advise you have a free consultation with Jess prior to your treatment so her advice can be given accordingly.


                                        1 area   =  £100

                                        2 areas  =  £190

                                        3 areas  =  £250

                           * Please note a free top up 2 weeks after treatment is offered if needed *

                                                Restylane Filler

     Restalyne is a well known product throughout the industry and is used by many.It is usually sold by the ml and at your free consulation with Jess, you will be advised 

     how much you will need and how much it will cost for the particular area you need work on.A set costing cannot be given for these treatments as you could need 

     more or less than the next person.

     A guide to prices are as follows :

    Lip Filler. 1/2 ml. = £170. 1ml = £260


                        * Please be advised there is no free top up offered with filler treatments *

                                            Other anti aging treatments

     Alongside the average anti age treatments,Jess offers a range of other treatments you may be interested in.These treatments needs to be discussed with Jess

     personally,our reception staff will not be able to advise on these particular treatments.